6 eye Tibetan dZi Bead....

Many jewels are worn for their medicinal properties. It is said that dzi protects its wearer from strokes and other sicknesses, as well as from evil influences. If, while it is being worn, the bead is in any way damaged or broken, it is taken as a sign that the bead has performed its task and absorbed the shock of the super-natural attack, though the dzi is then rendered useless for any further protection.

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    Feng Shui - Afflictions Of Grand Duke (Tai Sui)

    Tai Sui (??) or also known as Grand Duke under the Chinese mythology that holds a position in the Celestial Heavens to determine the fate of fortune for our worldly affairs. Feng Shui belief that each year we have to watch out for affliction with Tai Sui (Grand Duke) direction as not to directly facing. Bear in mind not to inadverently disturb the Grand Duke as being offended will likely bring you great misfortune that maybe mild to severe like death. It changes every year and it is wise to note the direction as not to be directly conflict with Tai Sui and you need to appeasing it.

    It is always best not to offend Tai Sui therefore never disturb the sitting place of Tai Sui otherwise it will bring illness, sickness, disaster, misfortune and even death. Tai Sui area is within the 15 degrees where Grand Duke resides. Avoid direct confrontation and instead by sitting with your back facing to give you the support. Every year we will have animal sign(s) that will affliction with Grand Duke as well as confliction. With direct confliction, it may result in loss of wealth, career demotion, illnesses, accident, theft or even death.

    Learn more about Afflictions Of Grand Duke (Tai Sui) today!

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