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# of Members

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Feng Shui tools ebook -- $68 Value
Includes: Analyze Kua Number
Analyze Flying Stars for home / office
Analyze your personal Bazi (4 pillars)
Analyze Bone Weight Feng Shui
Prediction for 4D Lottery Number using Bazi

Prediction for Toto Lottery Number using Bazi

Reiki ebook (Healing Hands) -- $68 Value
Includes: 3 Levels of Attunement
Symbols for attunement
Master Level for distant healing and more...

Website Hosting -- 10% discount

Remote computer service -- 10% discount

Top 3 referrals -- Free amulet (yearly - while stock lasts)

Top 1 referral -- Free Flying Stars analysis of your home

Losing Weight -- Free guide on food helping you to lose weight (added on 25 Dec 2018)

Fighting for Weight loss -- Free guide on how to fight for losing weight (added on 25 Dec 2018)

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May all sentient beings
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- be free from suffering and its causes.
- never be separated from sorrowless bliss.
- abide in equanimity free of bias, attachment and anger.

Everyone of us are equal. Remember that help is always there within your reach if you are willing to give yourself a chance. We hope in sharing what this site can provide you with a better living in future and in return you can help others.