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We certified all amulets and have MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if any of our amulets is Factory Made and not 'authentic' from various temples in Thailand. Our collection of amulets are from various collectors and these amulets are all blessed by the respective Thailand monks of the temples. It offers wearers the protection against evil spirits, avoid accidents, bring wealths, love, relationship, career, etc.

Please take note that all amulets are in their original condition and some of the casing might have cracked lines due to aging as well as exposure to climate. You can request to have more pictures taken before making your purchase. Please be advice that the photographs are taken with digital camera, the color might differ from the original that are for sales. The quality and workmanship is based on its origin. Please take note that Amulets sold are NOT returnable unless it is verified as not authentic from Thai Temples. We have experts to do the verification before putting them online for sales. Please read our Return Policy. MONEY BACK GUARANTEED if only certified NOT authentic from Thai Temples which is unlikely for our amulets. Certification of the amulets can be done but at your expenses. However, we DO NOT guaranteed the accuracy of names or years shown online since the service is provided by third parties for free of charge. If certification is necessary, buyer will borne the expenses to get it certified. Anyway, you are assured that all amulets are authentic.

Please take note that there are LIMITED STOCKS for all the amulets. If any amulet that is SOLD OUT, we will cancel your payment. Payment has to be made before we send out the product. Thank you for your kindest support!

*IMPORTANT NOTICE* Please remember to enclose your Contact Numbers so that our Courier Service will be able to deliver the products to you without any difficulties. Thank you!

Note:- Shipment is by FedEx or other courier service. Please read our Return Policy.

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