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This is definitely a must for a collector who loves collecting limited edition Swarovski Crystal. This wonderful piece of Swarovski Peacock Crystal with only 10,000 pieces issued worldwide in 1998. All the Swarovski Peacock Crystals have been numbered on individually; comes in a special gray carrying case, with framed Certificate of Authenticity ; attached to a black base, engraved with signature of Adi Stocker - the designer and year of introduction. The Swarovki Peacock Crystal comes with 19 blue stones on the feathers.

A brief description of the creator for such a wonderful piece of artwork - Adi Stocker . Adi Stocker has joined Swarovski since 1988 and has been a well-known designer. He has designed two fantastic Limited Edition pieces for Swarovski - firstly the Eagle and secondly the Peacock . There were others like the Annual Edition of the Lion, Pegasus and the Pierrot . Indeed he has been a well-known designer with great skill to present such magnificent product like the Swarovski Peacock .

He is born in St. Johann in Tyrol, Austria. Adi Stocker went to study in the world-famous technical school for glass craftsmanship in Kramsach, Tyrol. Many of Adi Stocker 's design crystals has testified to his highly diversified talent.

Brief History About Swarovski Crystal's Company

It was known that in Bohemia, a young glasscutter had invented a grinding machine that could produce jewellery stones of high quality. In 1895, Daniel Swarovski went to Tyrolean Village of Wattens where Swarovski Company was founded. Daniel Swarovski actually founded the company with the help of his brother-in-law, Franz Weis and financier Armand Kosmann. His father taught him the craft of crystal cutting at an early age. Daniel Swarovski started the production of optical products and cutting crystals automatically. They had made the jewelry, beads, ornaments for attire, shoes and handbags. Daniel's son, Wilhelm , performed his first smelting experiments to discover ways of producing decorative glass.

Wilhelm Swarovski was quick to find out that commercial success of a company was induction, training and further education of staff. Wilhelm founded in Wattens the "Industrial school for further education in optics, glass, iron and metal", where he conducted training the workers into precision optical workers. There was a designer Max Schreck that started a new product line where he built a little mouse out of chandelier parts and followed by a series of crystal animals & decorative items, among them famous crystal lovebirds.

"Constantly improving what is good" was the philosophy of company founder, Daniel Swarovski , over 100 years ago and it has remained as a key objective to this day. Daniel Swarovski played the Violin and he and his brother-in-law, Franz Weis would play in the evenings with the employees. The company's first band was formed as early as 1899. Gerhard Swarovski , who leads the company in the fourth generation, a long time ago, turned a small family company into a major global player. It now has subsidiary companies in the USA, France, Great Britain, the Benelux countries, in Switzerland, Italy and Austria and sales organizations and distribution partners in over 30 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. The company is also renowned for its optical products. Swarovski 's binoculars and telescopes are ergonomic, elegant, well balanced and without frills. There was also a small line of children's figurines done in 1992, Julia's World, that was a US item only. The 8 figurines of frosted children, a dog and a bench - came with a book that told Julia's story.

In 1995 the company celebrated its 100th anniversary by building a spectacular theme park, Swarovski Crystal Worlds ('Kristallwelten') in Wattens, close to Innsbruck. It was designed by artist Andr? Heller and takes you into a land of imagination and beauty. An exceptional park landscape bewitches with waterworks, labyrinth and spectacular lightening.

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