Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your mode of payment?
    Currently, we ONLY accepted credit card's payment with PayPal and TT.

  2. Do you have an affiliate program?
    No, we do not have an affiliate program at the moment. But we do have special offer for our products.

  3. Do you accept link exchange?
    We no longer accept link exchange here.

  4. Do you accept donations?
    We do not accept donations.

  5. Does your product includes shipping?
    We ship our product using tracking code, it is stated with the product. If in doubt, please check with our Sales Dept.

  6. If the product is not listed, can you help?
    We have our source of supply and we will give our best to search the item for you if that is not listed in our products.

  7. If I have an article to contribute, who can I contact?
    Firstly, we like to thank you for your contribution to our readers. For your article, please email with attachment to our Webmaster.

  8. Can I be a Sponsor?
    Of course! We welcome you to be our Sponsor. As a Sponsor, you can send us your banner of size 168x48 or 248x48 or text link not more than 3 lines with title, description and URL.

  9. What type of guarantee is offered? guarantees that all products we offer are genuine. Quality of products are offered as it is since some of our amulets are rather rare and old. If needed a clearer view of any item that you wish to purchase, we can capture a larger image for you.

  10. Are full exchanges or refunds offered? requires that buyers pay a 20% restocking fee if they wish to return an item. Please e-mail us if you have any questions concerning the products before you order. We would be more than delighted to offer you our advice and expertise to assist you.

    This fee will be waived if the item shipped was not the item that was ordered.

    We offer conditional 14-day money back guarantee for most items. The conditions include non-refundable items and restocking fee. Why restocking fee? We do not want to profit by selling low-quality products and charging high restocking fees. However, restocking fees become necessary in order for us to keep our costs and prices down. A majority of customers never return items. When items are returned in non-resalable conditions, we can no longer use resell them. If not paid by those who returned them, the additional costs had to be "shared" by others, which we believe are not fair. We choose to keep our prices down by charging a restocking fee to non-defective, non-fault returns. We try to keep the restocking fee as low as possible and in line with the cost associated with the return. All sales are prior to past sales.

    Non-Refundable Items

    The following items are not refundable even if returned within the time limits:

    Shipping charge, Special Order, Any items that are defaced or physical damaged by end-users. We reserve the right to check the condition of the returned items before issuing refund. Any product returned without the original package that cannot be verified as our products. Any items returned after 14 days and Any items returned without RMA number and authorization. Returned items such as the amulets will be verified by experts due to imitation are largely available in the market. If verify product is not genuine then no refund shall be given.

    Items with 20% Restocking Fee (Must be returned in 14-days)

    20% Restocking fee is applied to most items. Items that are returned unused and in resalable conditions at full prices. We reserve the right to inspect the product and confirm the defectiveness before issuing refund. Items that are returned due to our shipping error. We reserve the right to confirm the error.

    A restocking fee is applicable whenever the return is due to "Wrong item ordered," "Wrong size ordered," "Wrong color ordered," "Wrong finish ordered," "Customer does not like the product," or "Item no longer needed."

    Besides restocking fee, charges the following service fees if applicable:

    Standard s/h charge and insurance rate applies

  11. How secure is it to order online at
    Payment with PayPal is securely encrypted. Our goal is to make sure that accidents don't happen and we employ the best means to make sure of it.

  12. Do we ship to overseas addresses?
    We have shipped products all over the world to date. We offer online tracking code for shipping. Of course no claims are made on a timely delivery on either. Some countries don't offer certain mail services. In the event that a different mail option must be made, please put in the comments if you would like to go up or down on service.

  13. What will the international shipping charges be?
    Shipping charge depends on the order. We try to include all shipping charge unless otherwise stated. If you are unsure, email us for information about the product before ordering.

  14. When would most orders be received?
    Shipping times vary according to locations. All items are usually shipped within 48 hours upon receipt of the order. Orders are shipped via tracking code method. Please noted that any order place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be ship on the following business day.

    Due to some unforeseen circumstance some item(s) may be temporarily out of stock. Any item(s) out of stock will be place on a thirty-day backorder from the date of the invoice. In the event which backorder item(s) become available, we will ship your backorder item(s) via tracking code free of charge. retains the right to cancel any orders and purchases due to inventory shortage within thirty days from the date of the invoice. If an item is crucial to your order, please let us know so we can check for availability.
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