Sale Items

Song Dat Ah Lan Han $248.00 Song Dat
Wat RaKang $288.00 Wat RaKang
B.E. 2526 $268.00 B.E. 2526
Kong Pian Kai Yim $268.00 Kong Pian Kai Yim
Sothorn $178.00 Sothorn
Chin Na Rut $178.00 Chin Na Rut
Nam Kwa $188.00 Nam Kwa
Phra Key-you $188.00 Phra Key-you

May all sentient beings
- have happiness and its causes.
- be free from suffering and its causes.
- never be separated from sorrowless bliss.
- abide in equanimity free of bias, attachment and anger.

Everyone of us are equal. Remember that help is always there within your reach if you are willing to give yourself a chance. We hope in sharing what this site can provide you with a better living in future and in return you can help others.