Brief Info About This Website

His company started off doing Personal Computers - hardware & software retailing for Corporate as well as home users. His company provides personalise services to each individual groups or person for every call made. In 1997, his company decided to venture with Web Hosting business. It took off with a small group of companies asking to host and design their websites online.

Up to date, he has setup this site to share his contribution for the society. A portion of the sales made online will be used as contribution to temples and needy homes. On your part is that you will gain Merits & Good Karma being a contributor. Even if you do not make any purchases, you can be a contributor for the society. How? If you have information or knowledge about Thai Buddha Amulets, Tibetan dZi beads, etc, you are most welcomed to submit it to us for publishing on our website to share with others. Sharing your knowledge and information is also a mean of contribution as this will benefit the society. Your contribution will also help to gain Merits & Good Karma for your after-life if not this life. Just remember that SHARING is a BLESSING in life.

Lastly but not least, all I can say that this is a guy that I can trust!

Peter Lee
PLEK International Corp. Pte Ltd

What Is Our Belief?

We are a group of people who believe in helping those who are in need of help. This site is created to provide the help where it can improve one's life. We also believe that when you received the help, in return you will help others. It is based on promoting the thoughts of receiving and giving back to society. Here is what we believe:

May all sentient beings
- have happiness and its causes.
- be free from suffering and its causes.
- never be separated from sorrowless bliss.
- abide in equanimity free of bias, attachment and anger.

Everyone of us are equal. Remember that help is always there within your reach if you are willing to give yourself a chance. We hope in sharing what this site can provide you with a better living in future and in return you can help others.