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Yain Technology is established on 1990 as a computer retailer. The main operation is focussed on the distribution of Personal Computers to offices and home users. It also includes servicing of hardware, software, networking installation & troubleshooting, peripherals, internet configuration, etc. We also provide consultation for companies to be more productive with automation solution. We have carried out design, planning and commissioning of each project of customization of office space layout.

Later in 1997, we have ventured with online Internet Web Hosting serving several clients that require to expose their products, services and information. This leads to saving of offline advertisement cost and create a more productive approach with easier accessible order online and information. With their website hosting on our Servers, they have increased their sales by 20 - 40% and reduction of repeated conversation for customers' enquiry. Information based on Frequently Asked Questions by clients are listed in the site thus enabling company's staffs to handle more productive tasks instead. If your company is still running offline business, you may want to email us @ Sales Dept to give you a quotation for online business.

We believe in Buddhism and all religions. We strongly believe that Thai Buddha amulets and Tibetan dZi can help people who are really in need of help. Regardless of the problems you may face, Thai Buddha amulets or Tibetan dZi can help you to overcome the obstacles. It can help you with your career path, your personal health and wealth management. Find out how you can 'rent' your own personal amulet to help your current career or business empire to the next level. You will be grateful how it can help you to achieve and change your life.

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