Thai Amulets Stories

A contributor asked me to add the amulet stories that was written by smoke79 as his site in is no longer available. Hopefully these stories written by him will benefit those who are interested to know about amulets. If you are smoke79 and do not wish to have these stories published here, kindly email us at Administrator to have it removed. Without further ado, here is what he had written about the Amulet Stories for your reading knowledge.

If anyone else has their own stories or experiences with rented Thai amulets and want to let our visitors or current amulet collectors to understand further of amulets, please do write to us so that we can quote your stories to share with others online here.

If you do not wish to disclose any of your details here, we are willing to help keeping your identity secret. But do share your experiences so that others too can benefits from it. Thank you for all visitors taking your precious time to share and reading these experiences.

Our reason for setting up this site for renting Thai amulets to those who are fated is because we too have benefited from the blessing of such amulet. I had a very close encountered of near death car accident that happened at the age of 12 when a car was speeding and knocked me into the air about 10 feet before landed onto the road.

It was witnessed by a friend who was at the other side of the road. Thanked to the Thai amulet, I had survived the ordeal otherwise I wouldn't be here today! So, anyone else has such ordeal or experiences, please share with us here. Thank you and be blessed!

I have been asked by Cougar to write up a page on this so I guess that it'll do nicely as I believe other pages have not done this yet, or at least not so detailed. I hope readers can contribute their stories here but please don't make them up. :) I'd really appreciate good stories about amulets so that we all can share these little knowledge that we have. To begin, let me start on a story that has been told personally by my friend, Mr Tommy Wee, about a Luang Phor Thuat amulet and by far, stories on Luang Phor Thuat amulets are the most that I've heard of!

Story contributed by Mr Tommy Wee

I was studying for my 'A' Levels in Perth, Western Australia when I was 17. At that time, I already had my driving license and I have a very bad habit of speeding. I never knew that it would bring me trouble but neither did I know that the little amulet placed in my car by my mother would have saved my life too.

I was travelling along the freeway one afternoon to send my friend of at the airport. Before I left, my dad told me to change the tires as they were almost bald. I didn't change the tires and on top of that, I was travelling at the speed of around 100km/h. So I was racing along the freeway and I entered into a no-entry zone which is a bus lane on the extreme right. I pulled the steering wheel hard to the left and before I knew it, the car went skidding and it went turning upside down all over the place! I realized that it landed on its wheels and carried on moving until it crashed into a railing which blocks vehicles from entering the river. The whole car was smashed up yet I did not even have a single scratch on me! A police cruiser came by a while later and I was still holding onto the steering wheel, not knowing what hit me.

The policeman looked at the car in amazement, took my driving license down and simply left as I have no injuries. I called my dad back in Singapore and he called my neighbours over in Australia to assist in my situation. In the end, 4 tow trucks had to come down and carry the whole smashed up car away. I went home in Australia and told my granny what happened. She said that the amulet must have protected me from danger as the car was smashed up so badly yet I did not have a single scratch on me. I casually replied that it was due to the car's technology and such, and I received a slap on the face! :) Anyway, I did not speed anymore after that but I have been proved that amulets do save people's life.

Stories contributed by Mr Tan Keng Hua

Story 1

This story relates how a young gangster turned good. He came from a wealty family but could do nothing but get into trouble outside. The problem became worse such that his father had to consult a monk from Thailand. The monk told him that his son is fated to meet with a disaster at the age of 17 but he will do well if he's able to escape that disaster. Before the monk left, he gave the young man's father an amulet with a monk's face on it for his son to wear.

The young man refused to wear the pendant no matter how much his father begged him. In the end, his son agreed to wear only if he received a certain amount of money daily for wearing the pendant. True enough, at the age of 17, the man got into trouble with gangsters and was seriously injured on the head. His attackers had attacked him with parangs. According to witnesses, the parang was still on the young man's head when he was sent to the hospital! The doctors believe he couldn't make it when a miracle happened.

The young man woke up from his coma the very next day and recovered rapidly during the next 3 weeks! However, the pendant he was wearing suffered cracks. Until today, even though he has become a successful businessman, he is still wearing the pendant.

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