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Rent your personal Thai Amulets & Tibetan dZi to help you with Wealth, Health, Love And Good Fortune

Through your journey since birth, you will likely to encounter various ups & downs in life. But if you are down with luck in money, career or relationship, you can make the decision to change it today. How? Rent your personal amulet or dZi bead that maybe your turning point in life. When it comes to your own destiny of fate, it is in your hands to make the right decision. Thai amulets had a long history of helping those who are in need to turn their lives around.

All our Thai Buddha Amulet & Tibetan dZi bead are guaranteed genuine and had been blessed. Thai Buddha Amulets are guaranteed made from all respective Thai Temples.

Every single amulet being blessed will provide you with good health, wealth and protection against evil spirits & accidents. The power of protection and blessing comes with True Faith & Belief. You can generate yourself good Karma & Merits by having good faith & belief. A portion of the rental will be contributed to temples for chanting.

Remember that you are renting this sacred amulet or dZi and making a donation to have faith of devotion and pure thoughts of Buddha. By providing respect of renting your own amulet will help you and your family with health, wealth and good fortune.

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  • Video from Youtube about Luang Phor Pian died aged 92

    Buddhist monk appears to smile after his body was exhumed.

    These incredible pictures show a Buddhist monk wearing a smile on his face after his body was exhumed by his followers two months after he died.

    Revered monk Luang Phor Pian died aged 92 on November 16 last year after succumbing to illness in a hospital in Thailand's capital, Bangkok.

    Pian, who was originally from Cambodia, spent the majority of his life serving as a well-known Buddhist guru in the central Thai province of Lopburi, where his body was returned after he died.

    This week when his followers removed his body from its coffin, which had been kept at the temple where he served, they were shocked to find it was remarkably well preserved.

    Reports said the monks had removed his body in order to fit him with new, clean robes.

    Amazingly, Pian's corpse appeared to be smiling, with followers snapping pictures of the incredible moment and sharing it to social media.

    The monk's followers will continue to pray for him until he is finally laid to rest in a ceremony to held on the 100th day after his death.

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    Amulets & Holy Buddha Images

    Amulets and Buddha Images is extensive and valued in excess of 500,000 Baht. Some are very old, antiques, others specially reproduced as souvenirs for our visitors to take home as a reminder of their visit.

    Amulets exemplify the power of faith. They are objects that inspire believers to invest their strength and dedication to succeed in their pursuits. Amulets have a spiritual value beyond the commercial and only monks who have attained purity through rigorous practices can channel their power to the creation of amulets. The reputation of these monks will determine the value of their creation.

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  • Thai Amulets Stories

    I have been asked by Cougar to write up a page on this so I guess that it'll do nicely as I believe other pages have not done this yet, or at least not so detailed. I hope readers can contribute their stories here but please don't make them up. :) I'd really appreciate good stories about amulets so that we all can share these little knowledge that we have. To begin, let me start on a story that has been told personally by my friend, Mr Tommy Wee, about a Luang Phor Thuat amulet and by far, stories on Luang Phor Thuat amulets are the most that I've heard of!

    Story contributed by Mr Tommy Wee

    I was studying for my 'A' Levels in Perth, Western Australia when I was 17. At that time, I already had my driving license and I have a very bad habit of speeding. I never knew that it would bring me trouble but neither did I know that the little amulet placed in my car by my mother would have saved my life too.

    I was travelling along the freeway one afternoon to send my friend of at the airport. Before I left, my dad told me to change the tires as they were almost bald. I didn't change the tires and on top of that, I was travelling at the speed of around 100km/h. So I was racing along the freeway and I entered into a no-entry zone which is a bus lane on the extreme right. I pulled the steering wheel hard to the left and before I knew it, the car went skidding and it went turning upside down all over the place! I realized that it landed on its wheels and carried on moving until it crashed into a railing which blocks vehicles from entering the river. The whole car was smashed up yet I did not even have a single scratch on me! A police cruiser came by a while later and I was still holding onto the steering wheel, not knowing what hit me.

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